Where To Find Fortnite Bat Statue, Giant Seat And Pool Dance Challenges, Get Down With Ya Bad Self

Fortnite Bat Statue
Do you know how to get a tissue to dance? Put a little boogie in it! Ba-dum-tish! Excuse the dad joke, and to make up for the groan we elicited, we'll reveal locations for Fortnite's season 10 Boogie Down missions, which tasks players with dancing in certain ways at various places, such as in front of a giant bat statue. Sound good? Let's get started.

As you are probably aware if you are reading this, this week's challenges are based around dancing themes. The rewards for these Fortnite challenges are based on how many you complete, such as playing on a ginormous piano and other tasks. We're focused on dancing right now, though.

A shout-out goes to Paul Tassi at Forbes for nailing down the locations. To dance in front of the bat statue, you'll head over to Haunted Hills, and specifically to the graveyard on the west side. That is where you will find the statue. Stand in front of it and get your boogie on. And yes, this is the only time we will ever instruct someone to dance atop a grave.

fortnite dance challenge map
We Created This Handy Map Of These Dance Locations

Next up is the above ground pool area. And by above ground, we mean way above. As in, floating in the sky. The Cube brought back Cube Island, and it is the motel's pool that you are after in Fortnite.

This one is a bit of a challenge to pinpoint because it moves. However, just look for the island on your map and head to wherever it happens to be. Barring a rotation, the pool will be located on the west side of the floating island. Since it's moving at a slow pace, a good place to start your search is in the snow zone. Once you find it, head to the above ground pool and boogie once again.

Finally, it's time to located a seat for giants. That shouldn't be hard to do, because giants are big, and presumably so are the chairs they sit in, right?

You will find the giant seat in an area southwest of Polar Peak. It's located near a small town with just a few buildings, one of which is a taco shop. Once you've located the town, head west and you should see it. Hopping onto the seat requires a minor amount of farming so you can build a ramp, and once you do, climb on up and gyrate one last time. Hopefully a giant doesn't appear and squash you while you're up there (it won't).

Good luck, and happy dancing!

Thumbnail/Top Images Source: Epic Games via Paul Tassi (Forbes)