Here's A List Of Fortnite Spray Can Locations To Help Get Your Graffiti Spray And Play On

Week two of Fortnite Season 10 is here and with it comes a new weekly mission for Battle Pass holders to partake in. The new mission this week sends players to find lost spray cans. As with all similar challenges where you have to find things, the difficulty is in locating the cans without getting taken out during the search. The good news is there is a handy map that will help you locate the spray cans below, so you can get going with your graffiti-induced creativity.

spray can map

The spray cans are hidden all around the island, and there are more than you need to complete the challenge out there. One aspect of the challenge adding difficulty is that the cans are very small. However, making things a bit easier, players can also look for graffiti in certain areas and the cans are nearby as another graffiti artist likely just dropped them. Players can find some of the spray cans in the following areas:

  • Junk Junction: at the top of the area near a pile of trash
  • Viking Village: go to the foot of the waterfall and look next to the tree.
  • Umbrella-shaped mine: Look next to a stack of barrels near the bottom of the area.
  • Pressure Plant: the can is next to a pillar at the bottom of the lava stream
  • Shifty Shafts: walk into the mine, take a left and break through the wall
  • Happy Hamlet: look by the tent near the nightclub northeast of the hamlet
  • Paradise Palms: south of the location next to a tree near the scrapyard
fortnite spray can

To complete the challenge, players find the can, walk up to it, and search it. Players need to find five of the cans, and you'll earn 10 Battle Stars for the effort. With the changes made this season, players must have a Battle Pass to participate in the mission. Fortnite celebrated its second birthday last month, with a similar mission that had players searching out cakes to dance around.