Fortnite Season 7 Arrives Today, Check Out This Festive Trailer Filled With Christmas Cheer

Fortnite Season 7
For some people, it's the snowflakes that fall in December (or maybe even November) that put them in the holiday mood, depending on where they live. Others are mesmerized by all the Christmas programming on TV—A Christmas Carol, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, and yes, Die Hard. If you're just not feeling it this year, though, Fortnite's Season 7 trailer might do the trick.

I'm acutely aware of how odd that sounds. Fortnite is battle royal shooter, after all, and a very popular one at that (the most popular battle royal shooter, in fact). From grocery carts to rocket launchers, there is little about the game that screams "Christmas!" with the same enthusiasm Will Ferrell has for Santa Claus. But Season 7 gives the game a chilly makeover.

This is depicted in a glorious trailer that's a little over a minute long. Most of the trailer is your standard holiday fare—a nutcracker gets his home ready for the holiday by putting up a Christmas tree, hanging decorations, and even baking gingerbread men cookies. If the first two-thirds of the trailer doesn't put in the holiday mood, my condolences, you might be a little dead inside.

At around the one-minute mark, however, holiday cheer shifts to a more Die Hard-themed type of celebration. Snowmen armed to the teeth atop a snowy hilltop and airplanes with Christmas lights adorning the wings come into view. It's clear that all hell is about to break loose. Seasons greetings, indeed.

"Season 7 has arrived with the smash of a mysterious iceberg! Winter has brought many changes to the Fortnite map for you to explore. Ziplines are a new way to help you travel to and from high terrain. For you chill and thrill seekers, the new Frosty Flights location and Expedition outposts are outfitted with the new Stormwing planes so you can take to the skies. There are tons of new areas to venture to and secrets to uncover, so stay frosty," Epic Games says.

Beyond the cutesy decorations shown in the trailer, the X-4 Stormwing plane in Season 7 is a nifty addition, enabling players to control the skies and do barrel rolls. You can also discover new areas, such as Frosty Flights, Polar Peak, and Happy Hamlet.

Other than the new content, the latest Season also brings with it some general improvements and bug fixes, including a crashing issue when exiting the game (due to an error during initialization). Epic Games also improved the data layout on the Xbox One to improve loading times and reduce building streaming issues.

Season 7 is out now, so make yourself a cup of hot cocoa and go kick some tail.