Fortnite Battle Royale High Explosives v2 Mode Showcases Maximum Destruction

Fans of Fortnite who are sad at the ending of the Sniper Shootout Event have a new limited time event they can partake in and this mode blows the bejeebers out of stuff. The new event is called High Explosives v2 and it is part of the v3.4 content update. This mode removes all non-explosive weapons and turns off friendly fire.

fortnite vend

Wait times for the first four storms have been reduced (1:50), meaning they arrive in 20/30/30/30 seconds. There are plenty of supplies to make blowing stuff up a ton of fun; Epic says that 50% more consumables will spawn along with 100% more materials. There is also a 50% chance of dropping a Legendary Guided Missile.

fortnite egg

Other improvements to gameplay for the mode include a 100% increase in grenade, impulse grenade, and remote explosive drop rates. Bandages drop rate is decreased by 50% with the med kit and slurp drop rate up 50%. Both the rocket launcher and guided missile drop rate is up 100%. More wood will be available for resource gathering.

Vending machines are now added to the game with each vending machine randomly selecting a rarity and all items sold will match that rarity. Colors are white (common), green (uncommon), blue (rare), epic (purple), and gold (legendary). Each machine will sell three items with one for each material type (wood, stone, and metal). It will cycle through the three items on a short timer but whacking the machine with a pickaxe will make them system faster.

Lots of weapons now have first short accuracy including the Suppressed Submachine Gun, Tactical Submachine Gun, Pistol, Suppressed Pistol, Revolver, Hand Cannon, Assault Rifle, and Burst Assault Rifle. With these weapons, when aiming, standing still and the weapon hasn’t been recently fired, it will be 100% accurate. When the accuracy mode is active, the aim reticle is completely enclosed. Weapons do have fall off at various ranges. A new weapon is offered in Save the World mode called the Easter Egg Launcher that launches explosive eggs.
The last big news in Fortnite came a few days back when the mobile game launched for all iOS users.