Fortnite Season 5 Is Biggest Update Yet Bringing Rifts, New Locations, Off-Road Vehicles

The latest patch to Fortnite introduces the fifth season to the immensely popular battle royale shooter. Worlds collide in new season, following a rip in the sky caused by a rocket launch event that appears to be messing with time and space—Doc Brown would have a field day with this one, and would certainly appreciate that the wild west is part of the action.

"Viking ships, desert outposts, and ancient statues have appeared across the island. Hop in an All Terrain Kart (ATK) with your squad and uncover all-new mysteries and locations that await. Tell me, ya feel lucky? Test that luck with the new Flintlock weapon set while you Challenge the Horde in the Road Trip event, now available in Save the World," Epic Games explains.

All of the rifts that have appeared at different places on the map are now accessible—hopping in teleports you to a different location where you parachute back to the ground. Fornite players will also notice a bunch of ancient objects, including a covered wagon that has been the source of intrigue leading up to season 5's official launch.

There are two locations to explore—Paradise Palms and Lazy Links—along with a few unnamed points of interest scattered across the island. Epic Games also made a bunch of changes to the gameplay. For example, the roof of all terrain karts (ATKs) now act as bounce pads. In addition, shotguns now indicate how many pellets hit, which are visible within the reticle, and the heavy shotgun now fires 10 pellets instead of 5.

Bug fixes and performance improvements abound too, including more tweaks to the troublesome shopping carts that have been the source of various glitches.

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