Here's How To Complete Fortnite's Season 2 Local Domination Challenges

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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 was originally supposed to end on April 30th, but as with many things this year, plans have changed. Epic Games has instead decided to launch Chapter 2 Season 3 on June 4th. In the meantime, the developers have just launched a series of Overtime challenges that encourage players to farm for XP. Here is what you need to know about part one of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 Location Domination challenges.

The Location Domination challenges are multi-tiered and grant players increasing amounts of XP as they progress. Players will receive 10,000 XP for completing the first tier of a challenge, 25,000 XP for the second tier, and 55,000 XP for the third and final tier. The first round of Location Domination challenges are available today. Leaked files have revealed that the second round of challenges will most likely drop on Thursday, May 14th.

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Location Domination Challenges and Tips for Completion

None of the challenges are especially difficult, but they will likely need to be completed over time. Here are the current challenges:
  • Catch 5 (tier 1) / 25 (tier 2) / 100 (tier 3) fish at Slurpy Swamp
  • Collect 250/750/1,500 metal at Hydro 16 or Compact Cars
  • Deal 500/1,500/10,000 damage to players at The Agency
  • Destroy 3/7/15 Gnomes at Camp Cod or Fort Crumpet
  • Eliminate 5/10/100 players or Henchmen at Pleasant Park
  • Open 3/5/10 Chests locked by an ID Scanner at The Grotto
  • Place top 10 3/6/10 times after landing at Dirty Docks
  • Search 5/15/30 ammo boxes at Lazy Lake
  • Search 5/15/30 Chests at Retail Row
  • Throw 3/5/10 Henchmen overboard The Yacht
Some of these challenges are a bit more straightforward than others. Players may find it particularly challenging to deal 500/1,500/10,000 damage to players at The Agency. Your best chance is to play Team Rumble or Fortnite Spy Games modes. Team Rumble matches may also help players to collect metal at Hydro 16 or eliminate players or Henchmen at Pleasant Park. Less experienced players should probably play in a Squads match if they are worried that they may not be able to consistently place in the top 10 after landing at Dirty Docks.

It appears that Epic Games is also working on creating a limited-time “Party Royale” mode. Party Royale will likely be a weapons-free mode where players will wander around a new map and complete activities. Epic Games has confirmed that this mode is in the works, but has provided few details. Perhaps this new mode will make an appearance in Chapter 2 Season 3.