Countdown To Fortnite's Big Season 9 Live Finale Event: What To Expect

Today is a big day for Fortnite, the epic mech vs. monster battle is going down at 2 PM EST and there are a lot of Fortnite fans wondering what's going to happen. Gamers got their first look at the monster, called Cattus, after the end of season 8 when the volcano erupted and spewed rocks at Polar Peak that broke the iceberg and uncovered part of the monster. We have yet to see the creature in its entirety.


It has been spied swimming around on occasion, but today will mark the day when the creature is seen in full for the first time. A robot has been under construction seemingly as a response to Cattus with construction finishing recently; the mech was dubbed Doggus. When the robot was complete, countdowns appeared near the sky platforms showing when the battle would take place.


The fight happens today and players are expected to be forced into a new list, so they don't miss the action. For now, we have no idea where the battle will take place, but considering the size of the mech, players should be able to watch the fight from anywhere. As of now, access to the main battle royale island in Creative and Playground mode is disabled. All modes are expected to be restricted when the fight kicks off.

Significant destruction is expected in the battle, and while we don't know what the end of the fight will bring, the map is expected to change post-battle. Players will be able to jump into the game and watch live, but plenty of streamers will be streaming the event for those who can't be there. Fortnite World Cup fans are wondering if the results of the battle might throw a wrench into things for participants, we should know in a few hours. The Cattus vs. Doggus fight happens at 2 PM ET /11 PM PT /7 PM BST.