Fortnite's Giant Pink Robot Has Finally Finished Construction Ahead Of Saturday's Epic Battle

With Season 9 of Fortnite coming to an end, a lot has been going on in the game. Players have been hunting down Fortbytes and this week the second to last Fortbyte was discovered in the metal llama building. Players have been watching the progress of the giant robot being constructed over at Pressure Plant since the beginning of the month.

cattus fortnite

New parts for the giant robot turned up every other day, and the bot is now complete. Reports indicate that the robot will fight the creature that is codenamed "Cattus" in Fortnite game files that have surfaced. The creature the robot will fight is near Loot Lake, and the fight is supposedly going down on Saturday, July 20.

The date of the fight is known thanks to a countdown above Sky Platforms in the game. It's unclear how exactly the pink robot will launch into battle against the creature. Speculation suggests that the bot will use its giant jet pack to launch into combat. Leaks have suggested that all players will be given jet packs and will have to find high ground to avoid being caught in the robot vs. monster beatdown aboard special Sky Platforms.

Pressure Plant Pink Robot

Players are expected to be required to choose which side of the fight they back, but that mechanic is unclear. If community action has an impact on the battle, the side has the most backers is expected to win the fight. The aftermath of the fight will be the theme for season 10, according to reports. The showdown will happen this Saturday, July 20 at 11 am PST.