Fortnite For Nintendo Switch Allegedly Hits Tomorrow, The Question Is When?

fortnite banner
If you needed any further proof that Fortnite is coming to the Nintendo Switch, then here you go. Twitter user Simon Aarons was able to get an early look at the Nintendo Switch eShop listing for Fortnite and has posted for all to see.

Using the Shotgun Tool, Aarons was able to see plenty of details for the free-to-play game, including the fact that it will be released tomorrow, June 12th. That coincides with Nintendo's E3 keynote, which will start at 12PM EST tomorrow. We can also see its ESRB rating and the fact that the download will weigh in at just over 2GB. Other items of note are that the game will of course support add-on content, with V-Bucks and the Wingman Starter Pack being prominently listed.

For those keeping score, Fortnite is currently available for the PC, macOS, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and iOS. It will be arriving on Android this summer according to its developer, Epic Games. We assume that cross-play with all of these other platforms will be supported on the Nintendo Switch.

Epic Games recently announced a $100 million eSports prize pool for Fortnite, which absolutely dwarfs the $2 million prize pot for the game's closest rival: Player Unknown's Battlegrounds. 

Fortnite Battle Royale 01

Fortnite might be free-to-play, but many gamers opt to spend their cash for optional in-game items to give their characters unique looks and dances. You can also purchase a Battle Pass season subscription at a cost of about $10. Given its meteoric rise in popularity, Epic Games was able to book an estimated $126 million in revenue from Fortnite during the month of February; that haul more than doubled to $296 million in March.

Although a specific time of the day has been given for when the Fortnite download will be activated tomorrow on the eShop, we'd surmise that it will happen at 12PM EST tomorrow morning or shortly thereafter.