Fortnite Guided Missiles Are Making An Epic Return With Some Critical Updates

Fortnite gamers both love and hate guided missiles that were available in the game's weapons arsenal; actually it's a mostly hate relationship, if we are being honest. Players can do interesting things with those missiles, like ride them. The big issue gamers had is that the guided missiles were nigh impossible to survive. Guided missiles were incredibly maneuverable and had devastating power, meaning if someone fired one at you, odds are you were dead meat.

guided missile fortnite

Gamers and Epic Games devs eventually decided that the guided missiles were just too much, and pulled them from the game. Epic says that lots of work behind the scenes has been underway to improve the guided missile and that the both adored and much maligned weapon would be making a comeback to the game. No exact ETA has been given on the return of the weapon, however. The closest thing we have to an ETA is a statement made in one of Epic's recent videos, which you can see in the tweet embedded below, that the guided missiles will be the next item re-released in the game.

"When the guided missile first made its way to Battle Royale," senior designer Andrew Bains said, "we loved all the fun and crazy moments it provided. But after its release we shared the same concerns as the Fortnite community at large: it's hard to compete against a near-endless barrage of highly effective explosives."

As for changes, the missiles are now positioned as a scouting tool. Movement speed has been reduced, turning radius is changed, and damaged is also reduced along with the damage radius. The default ammo cap is now set to 12. Those changes will make guided missiles less lethal and more survivable. Fortnite did get a patch recently that added some new features to the game, bringing it to v5.10. The update brought a compact SMG, among other things, including new game challenges. Fortnite has been wildly successful for Epic Games, having brought in over a billion dollars in revenue so far, primarily from in-game transactions alone.