What Are Fortnite's Trippy Rare Golden Mushrooms And What Do They Do?

golden mushroom
Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 3 is just now kicking off, and Epic Games is already enticing gamers with a sweet new Captain America skin (which can be yours for 2000 V-Bucks or $20). But one other in-game item that is causing a lot of ruckus right now is the Golden Mushroom.

Unfortunately for battle royale gamers that want to jump right and find this delicious delicacy, it is a super rare item with a spawn rate of just 0.0001 percent. We don't like those odds, but the payoff is immense if you do happen to find one. According to Fortnite leaker and data-miner HYPEX, consuming a Golden Mushroom will give you 100 shield. In addition, you can stack three of them in a single inventory slot so that you can munch on them just at the right time to gain an advantage on the dense battlefield.

Unfortunately, the Golden Mushroom doesn't spawn within food boxes, which means that you have to be a bit more deliberate when it comes to finding them in-game. Given that many areas of the map are now underwater, the usual places that you would visit to find mushrooms will lead you to a dead end. So instead, the only way that you can probably find a Golden Mushroom -- given the low probability for spawning -- is to just come across its by happenstance.

Your best bet would be to try to look in shady, wooded areas. But even with the sheer number of Fortnite matches played on a daily basis, the chances of you coming across one are slim to none. For those that do manage to snag one, we tip our hats to you; now go buy a lottery ticket!

The Golden Mushroom reminds us a bit of the equally rare Mythic Goldfish. That legendary item could be tossed at an enemy, and in one shot they'd be killed -- no questions asked. Epic Games has a penchant for dropping these ultra-powerful, hard-to-find items into Fortnite, and we’ll continue to keep searching for them in-game no matter how fruitless our endeavors may be.