Fortnite Gotham City Challenges: Where To Find Bat Signals To Light Up The Sky

Yesterday was the big unveil of the Fortnite x Batman crossover, and today the new challenges that go with that crossover are live. One of the challenges is to light up three different Bat Signals outside of Gotham City. As with many challenges, the hard part is finding them. The map below shows the locations of all the bat signals on the island.

bat signal locations
Bat Signal Locations

The fastest way to knock out this challenge would be to go to the north-west section of the map as it has the highest number of Bat Signals in the closest proximity to each other. That will likely mean more players looking to take you out too. Activating the Bat Signal requires you to get close and then follow the prompt to press the correct button to activate.

fortnite race tracks
Race Track Locations

The Bat Signals aren't the only cool challenges that are available for gamers to complete right now. The Storm Racers challenges has a challenge that requires players to complete a lap around a race track. There are three tracks on the Fortnite map, and all three of them are marked on the map image above. Each of the tracks has a vehicle at the starting line, jump in and complete a lap to finish the challenge.

fortnite telescope locations
Telescope Locations

Another challenge that can be completed this week has players dancing at three different telescopes. The location of the three telescopes is marked on the image above. Players only need to get close and get your boogie on. Fortnite fans who missed the Fortnite x Batman crossover announcement yesterday can check it out here