Here's Where To Find Fortnite Fortbyte 49 In Trog's Ice Cave

Fortnite continues to be an incredibly popular game with battle royale fans. The latest season of content has several Fortbyte collectibles, that when gathered each unlocks a portion of a scene believed to give a hint at the live event for this season. Some of the Fortbytes are tied to challenges in the game and can only be unlocked for completing specific tasks.

fortbyte 49 location

Other Fortbytes only need to be discovered to collect them. The latest Fortbyte is now available to collect now and it's Fortbyte 49. Fortunately, this one is straightforward to find. Fortbyte 49 is hidden inside Trog's ice cave in the frozen southwestern portion of the map. It's stashed away inside the small wooden house inside the ice cave.

All players have to do to collect it is to enter the small wooden house and interact with the Fortbyte. This one requires no special costume, no picks, no hang gliders, and no specific path to be able to collect it. The video below shows how to find Fortbyte 49.

A lot has been going on in Fortnite of late. The game had a John Wick crossover event last month to tie in with the launch of the third John Wick film in theaters. That event brought an LTM called Wick's Bounty. Something going on in the Fortnite universe that has nothing to do with the game itself, but has the potential to change the eSports business in general, is a lawsuit between a Fortnite player and his team for an allegedly predatory contract.

The player tied up in a lawsuit with his team is called Tenney and he is suing his former team FaZE Clan. Tenney alleges that his contract violates the California Talent Agency act, and he calls the contract "grossly oppressive, onerous, and one-sided," against eSports gamers and content creators.