Former Apple and Microsoft Engineers Reveal Moov Fitness Tracker, Your ‘Personal Coach’ To Up Your Game

It can feel like the growing cadre of wearable fitness tech is just so much noise, but some of these products will inevitably rise to the top. The Moov fitness tracker, a compact, cleanly designed wrist-mounted fitness device, might just be one of those wearables.

The Moov team is comprised of former Apple and Microsoft engineers, and that Apple design influence is apparent. Moov is is a slim disc that straps onto your wrist, ankle--or anywhere, really--and tracks a surprising number of different aspects of your workout.

Moov family

For instance, it can tell you if your running stride is off, or if your swimming stroke is inefficient, or if your punches need more power, and so on. The little device has no screen, but it does have audio that “talks” to you during your workouts with advice for improvement, words of encouragement, and more. Moov pairs with your smartphone so you can see all the details of your workouts and coaching tips on that screen.

Moov is designed to be used a small modules to provide specific feedback on specific tasks, so you can stick it on your golf club and get feedback on your swing, or put one on each wrist to track your boxing prowess. The Moov works for running, cycling, swimming (it’s waterproof!), boxing, and body weight workouts. An SDK is in the works, which should open things up for more types of sports and increased capabilities.

A key aspect of Moov is the price; although a single Moov will cost $120 and a pair $200, if you preorder now, you can get a single for just $59.95 and two Moovs for $99.95. That’s not bad for what you get, and even better, you can buy multiple Moovs for others at just $49.95 a pop.

Moov will ship this summer, assuming the Moov team meets its crowdfunding goal of $40,000.