Ford Showcases Driver Autonomous Self-Parking Car Technology

Although the dream of roads full of driverless cars is a ways off, several companies such as Tesla and Google are making steps toward that goal by developing self-driving car technology. Ford is now also demonstrating self-parking technology called Fully Assisted Parking Aid that will actually help a driver locate a spot and then make the car automatically park itself--without the driver inside.

Ford Fully Assisted Parking Aid

Indeed, you’ll be able to hop out of the car and use a smartphone app to tell your car to park itself. This is ideal for both parking in tight spaces (i.e., you don’t have to squeeze your way out of your vehicle while trying not to bang the next car’s door) and for those who are just terrible at parking to begin with.

You can see the technology in action here:

Ford also demoed Obstacle Avoidance technology, which scans for objects in the vehicle’s lane up to 650 feet away (such as people, other cars, or other large physical objects) and gives the driver an audible notification. If the driver fails to respond, the system will automatically brake and steer around the obstacles. Obstacle Avoidance Technology uses three radar sensors, ultrasonic sensors, and a camera, and it works at up to 38 MPH.

Ford Obstacle Avoidance

Both technologies are still in the demo stage for now, but they could be coming to production vehicles soon enough. Automobile Magazine also noted that Volvo and Audi have showed off similar technologies.