Ford Showcases 3D Printed Shift Knob That Teaches You How To Drive And Save Fuel

Make no mistake: the world is 3D printing has become an incredibly interesting one, and one that's growing at breakneck pace. What was once a hobby for high-end science labs has quickly become a favorite amongst average consumers, and now, companies far and wide. Ford has just published a video showing an engineer building a vibrating shift knob using just a 3D printer and an Xbox 360 controller. The point? To create an intelligent shift knob that helps people learn how to drive a manual vehicle, and it also is designed to vibrate when one should shift in order to save the most fuel.

It's built on Ford's OpenXC software platform, and it's a tremendous example of what's possible when it comes to taking 3D printing to the next level. There's no clear time table as to when we'll see this available on commercialized cars, but one thing seems certain: the aftermarket community is about to get a boost. 3D printed shift knobs for your new ride? Seems like a new business venture.