For Once, Zune Gets Hacked, Rather than iPod

iPods, iPhones; those are hacker targets, not (generally) in malicious ways, but to extend functionality or remove (ahem) roadblocks.  Now the Zune has had one of its roadblocks bypassed.

One of the early complaints about the WiFi sharing ability on the Zune was the rule that limits playback to 3 days or 3 plays on shared tracks. The Zune team eliminated the 3 day rule but left the 3 play rule intact with the latest firmware update. Many musicians who record their own music in the garage would prefer to share it free of this 3 play DRM restriction. Now there is an easy way to do it.

During hands on tests performed here at Zune Scene, music files tagged as "podcast" in the genre field have no 3 play restriction. To enable this tag right click on one or more files and select properties. Assign the tag as shown.

Not bad. So,  if this were Apple you could expect this to be closed with the next FW update.  Here, who knows?

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