Football Doesn't Look Best On A 1-1/2" TFT Screen

Other niche cellphone marketers are saying "move along people, nothing to see here," but Mobile ESPN is folding its tent after less than a year. On the face of it, it seemed strange right away. If you're crazy enough about sports to pay attention to them all the time, you're unlikely to settle for seeing it on such a small screen. And businesses that pay the freight for such things would have to be crazy to give out such things to already distracted employees.

It sounded like a can't-miss idea: An ESPN-branded cell phone that brims with scores and video highlights for sports fanatics. It missed. After less than a year on the market, Mobile ESPN is ending its bid to compete with mainstream players like Cingular Wireless, raising doubts about the business logic behind the gold rush of other niche cellular brands offering their own mobile phones and calling plans.

No more 17 pixel players dancing in a fruit label sized endzone. It was not meant to be.

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