Flying Car Under Production

Former professor of engineering at the University of California, Davis Paul S. Moller has always dreamed of developing a flying car. In the 1970s, he established Supertrapp Industries, a company that specializes in a device that muffles engine noise. He sold the company in the 1980s so that he could pursue his dreams, and since then has established Moller International. Moller's latest project: the M200G “UFO-looking saucer-shaped” flying car that looks like something out of a science fiction movie. The M200G, aka Moller Volantor, is designed to be a “vertical take-off and landing vehicle.” It is already under production and is estimated at a price of $90,000 USD.
“The M200G uses eight low-emission Rotapower engines (Wankel rotary engines, produced by Freedom Motors). Its advanced cooling system allows it to be a fairly lightweight vehicle. Its projected cruising speed is about 50 miles per hour at about 10 feet off the ground. It will hold up to 250 pounds of passenger(s) and/or cargo for a flight that would last up to 90 minutes.”
Though the numbers aren’t that impressive, Dr. Moller admits that the M200G is intended for recreational use at first. However, he sees potential in the idea, arguing that a flying car could avoid traffic jams during rush hours. In fact, Moller is already developing the M400 Skycar, which allows four people to cruise at 300 miler per hour (max speed of 360 miles per hour). The ceiling is said to be 6.7 miles, and the purchase price is expected to be in the million dollar price range. No word on when either the M200G or the M400 will be available in the market.
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