Florida Attorney General To Investigate TigerDir

It appears that 50-year old industrial-supply company Systemax, parent of TigerDirect is drawing a lot of negative heat these days over their rebates.  Here's an example of a deal and the problem: A 17” ViewSonic Monitor going for $139.99 sounds great.

“But you'd have to read the small print to learn that TigerDirect's quoted price assumes you collect the $50 manufacturer's rebate. That's no small assumption, given the widespread complaints about TigerDirect's failure to pay rebates.”

The sheer volume of complaints has drawn the attention of Florida's attorney general, as well as numerous lawsuits from customers and customer advocacy groups.

It may be worth noting that CompUSA's name was recently purchased by Systemax.  If TigerDirect's name becomes sullied enough, we might see CompUSA's name being used in a very similar fashion.
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