Flipstart A Flop?

The idea of a very capable portable PC small enough to make Libretto users jealous is certainly appealing. There are, however, quirks and a hefty price tag involved.

"Announced this week by Paul Allen-backed FlipStart Labs, the FlipStart is what the company calls a super compact PC but is also what most in the industry refer to as a micro-PC. And based on eWEEK Labs initial tests of the FlipStart, this small form factor clamshell PC has what we call the three C's: cool, clunky and costly. The cool side is pretty much undeniable. Here's a very small system with solid system specifications that runs Windows XP flawlessly. It boasts close to a full QWERTY keyboard that uses the same thumb button styling as the popular BlackBerry. And it can easily connect to Bluetooth, wireless and WANs."
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