Flipper Zero Co-Founder Talks Lax Security And Amateur Hacking, Teases New Devices

flipper zero co founder talks lax security and amateur hacking
The Flipper Zero, known for its use in widespread shenaniganry, is quite the little hacking device in all actuality. This pint-size hacking device is great for cloning hotel keys, opening garages (or Tesla charging ports), adjusting TVs you lost the remote for, and other hacker-type things, especially on penetration tests, which have recently caught the eye of the Canadian government. Now, on the precipice of a Flipper Zero addon, which enables some nifty features, Flipper co-founder and COO Alex Kulagin went on record to talk about the device, among other things.

Much of Kulagin's conversation revolved around the upcoming Video Game Module for the Flipper Zero, a Raspberry Pi collaboration product powered by the RP2040 microcontroller. It includes an HDMI video out port to mirror the Flipper to a TV at 640х480px @ 60 Hz. Also built-in is a gyroscope and accelerator sensor, which can be used for various things, including games that can be played on the Flipper or as a mouse controller on a PC.

vgm flipper zero co founder talks lax security and amateur hacking

Besides that, though, Gizmodo got into the philosophy behind the Flipper Zero and why it exists, namely that it isn’t itself, or able to interact with, cutting-edge technology, and that is by intention. Kulagin explained that “what Flipper brings is awareness that, guys, this thing is not secure, like if you should actually think if something can be hacked by a $100 toy, maybe it’s too old.” Further, it is noted that the Flipper team is keeping tabs on all the shenanigans people are doing with the Flipper Zero, and if there is something sensitive, they try to contain it.

You can read the full interview through Gizmodo, but ultimately, the Flipper Zero is not the scary device it is made out to be. Rather, it is a means by which we can recognize flaws in our day-to-day security, of which there are many speaking both from experience and research. Hacking people and flawed, outdated systems are two incredibly easy ways to break into a place, and the Flipper Zero is a good tool for both.