Flash Is Getting Fussy About What You Do With It

Adobe has come up with a Digital Rights Management security protocol for its ubiquitous Flash video format. It allows content generators to feel secure about letting viewers download video content instead of simply streaming it in a browser, but mash-up artists who like to fiddle with FLV files will have another hurdle placed in their way.

Intended for broadcasters and media companies looking to protect video that can be delivered offline and online, Flash Media Rights Management Server integrates with Adobe Media Player and applications running Adobe AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime) software.

Enterprises also can use the product. "Corporations can protect their video so that it doesn't end up on YouTube," said Laurel Reitman, senior product manager for Flash Media Server services.

You know, if we're not careful, the Internet is going to become a businesslike place where people can control and get paid for the content they offer. Where's the fun in that?
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