Fix Your 'Broken' iPhone

If you own an unlocked iPhone that was recently put out of commission by the firmware upgrade that just came down the pipe, have hope yet!  It appears that the eternal struggle between Apple and hackers isn't over yet, and in many cases you can at least partially resurrect your non-functional device:

“These latest instructions allow users to roll back their firmware upgrades and use some functions like the phone’s iPod and Wi-Fi capabilities, but they do not necessarily restore the phone’s ability to make calls, in particular for those users that used a freely downloadable tool that performed a "SIM unlock" on their phones. That’s because hackers have not yet found a way to roll back the firmware used by the iPhone’s baseband chip, which is used to make calls.”

Well you get what you pay for, especially when it comes to hack-ware.  Given enough time, it is very likely that someone will hack this latest firmware.  Instead of Apple putting so much effort into a game that they can only win "for the moment", perhaps they ought to be hard at work developing a follow-up product that they can sell without a partner.  It seems that AT&T certainly helped Apple get into the market, but they're obviously limiting the appeal of an Apple mobile phone at this time.
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