Five Hackers Who Left a Mark on 2006

It seemed that almost every day last year we heard of yet another new attack of security vulnerability in an operating system or popular application.  Much of this news came by way of white hat hackers who found and explained how to prevent attacks.  And eWeek explain who they think are the five most noteworthy hackers of last year in terms of discoveries and disclosures.

"In the security year that was 2006, zero-day attacks and exploits dominated the headlines. However, the year will be best remembered for the work of members of the hacking - er, security research - community who discovered and disclosed serious vulnerabilities in the technologies we take for granted, forced software vendors to react faster to flaw warnings and pushed the vulnerability research boat into new, uncharted waters."

Two cheers for vulnerability researchers! Without them, who knows how long it would take for some developers to patch and plug holes in their code.

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