Fisticuffs Ensue at Chinese Apple Store Over iPad2 Line Cutting

If you think things are tough when it comes to lining up for Apple products in the U.S., here's a tale from the Far East. China received its first batch of iPad 2s when the device launched last Friday, and on Saturday, fisticuffs ensued.

Four people were injured and a glass door shattered. According to a witness, Wang Ming, 30, an alleged scalper and a "foreign" Apple store employee scuffled as the scalper cut in line.

Michael Hakel was an Apple customer waiting in line at the store, and he Tweeted several times about the incident.

“Quite a crowd queuing outside of Apple at The Village in #Beijing. Waiting to buy iPad 2. Saw even a fight with some blood. Crazy.”

Later, “Apple store locked down now. Front glass door is gone they just collect the pieces.”

Still later, “Oh and police with dogs is patrolling around the Apple store in Sanlitun. Outside so many sellers of iPhone 4 and new iPad 2.”

The reference to "many sellers" is one about scalpers, who buy iDevices and then resell them outside stores. Frequently, they do so outside the actual stores, showing patrons that they can buy the product for a premium, but sans the line.
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