Fisher Price Toy Controller For Babies Is Hilariously Modded To Ferociously Play Elden Ring

Fisher Price controller playing Elden Ring
We all have certain controller preferences, be it Sony's DualSense for the PlayStation 5 (my personal favorite), Microsoft's Elite Wireless Controller Series 2, or something else entirely. And speaking of something else entirely, someone has modded a Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Game & Learn Controller to play Elden Ring on PC.

It's a toy controller for babies and toddlers between 6-36 months. You can't actually hook it up to a PC or console, at least not without some modifications, and it doesn't work wirelessly either. As the item's description clearly states, it's a "pretend video game controller," complete with a light-up face and two musical settings.

Instead of moving a character on a screen, mashing the buttons and moving the joystick induce lights, music, and phrases. Except that Twitter user @rudeism modded the controller to actually work with his Alienware laptop. He doesn't get into the details of the mod, just that it plugs in via a USB cable, and that it actually works. Check it out...

The analog stick, D-pad, and all the buttons work, including the shoulder buttons. And hilariously, the controller retains its stock functionality as well, so as he's playing Elden Ring it still lights up and makes a bunch of cute noises designed to keep babies entertained. Or in my case, a gamer in his mid-forties.

At one point in the video, @rudeism had to pause his explanation of the controls to let the toy gamepad finish singing a song. After it counted to 10 in sing-song fashion, he explained that he sidestepped the lack of a right analog stick by mapping left and right controls to the slider button. In the left position, the analog stick works like a left-analog stick, and when slid in the right position, it works like the right-analog stick. The slider also changes the face buttons.

It's not exactly a convenient way to control Elden Ring, or any game for that matter, but it's amusing that it actually works. So there you go—if Elden Ring isn't challenging enough, try playing with a pretend game controller made for babies.

This whole project came about after @Wario64 tweeted a sale on the controller as a gag. In the tweet, the deals tracker comically noted it's "perfect for Elden Ring." It's still on sale, by the way, just not quite as deeply discounted. Or you can snag one of these instead...