$100K For An iPhone? Okay, The Apple Tax Is Getting Out Of Hand

Sealed first-gen iPhone on a black background.
High-end smartphones have gotten stupid-expensive over the years with premium models routinely commanding more than $1,000. Some phones have even approached $2,000 (we're looking at you, foldables). But those are bargain prices compared to what Apple's iPhone is bringing in these days. Not the iPhone 14 or even the unreleased iPhone 15, mind you, but the original iPhone released in 2007.

Once again, a factory-sealed first-gen iPhone from 16 years ago is hitting the auction block at LCS Auctions and this particular one is expected to shatter the previous record of $63.356.40. And by shatter, we mean the expectation is it could bring in $100,000. Yeah folks, that's six digits. And somewhat ironically, this one touts half as much RAM as the current record holder.

It's only ironic on the surface, though. In a statement, LCS Auctions founder Mark Montero credited the 4GB of RAM as the very reason why this one has a shot at shooting into six-digit territory.

Sealed Apple iPhone from 2007 laying on its side.

"Despite the extensive worldwide media exposure our previous sales have received and the hundreds of contacts we've had with consumers who thought they had a factory-sealed original iPhone, this is the only 4GB factory-sealed version to surface," Montero said. "Based upon our recent record-setting sales and the fact that the 4GB model is probably 20-times rarer than the 8GB version, we would not be surprised if it establishes a new record sale price."

It's not guaranteed to set a record sale, and the estimated range on the auction page is quite wide—$50,000 to $100,000. Given the relatively rarity of this model, though, we'd be surprised if it ended up selling for less than the current record-holder, even if it doesn't quite cross the $100,000 threshold.

Either way, it only has to top $499 to beat its launch MSRP, or around $732 if adjusting for inflation. What's also wild is that the first-gen iPhone isn't all that old, not compared to items like the Apple-1 that have also fetched big sums at auction.

The original iPhone is, however, supremely outdated by today's standards. It wields a 3.5-inch display with a 480x320 resolution and is powered by a 32-bit Arm processor (made by Samsung) that's under-clocked to 412MHz (from 620MHz) for the sake of battery life. There's no front camera, and only a single 2-megapixel lens on the back. For it's time, though, the 2007 iPhone was a game changer.

LCS Auctions will open bidding on the 2007 iPhone today at 5PM ET. It will end in 16 days.

Images courtesy of LCG Auctions