First Game Developer Census Published

Recently CMP Game Group, a market research company that focuses on the professional game industry, compiled a census report on nearly 600 companies in North America. CMP has determined that there are over 39,000 professional developers and publishers of games in the U.S., and over 8,000 in Canada. A whopping 46% of professional game developers in the U.S. are situated in California, whereas Washington State is home base for about 12%, and about 7% in Texas. New York, Massachusetts, Illinois, Florida, and the previously mentioned top three states have over 1,000 professionals in each.

The stats describe people who strictly publish and/or develop the games and does not include marketers, PR, or other related industries. This is the first time a census report on the professional game industry has been assembled and published. So if you’re interested in making games, chances are you’ll end up in California, although competition and other details of the job market are a mystery to us.
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