First Destiny Reviews Not Flattering, A ‘Confusing Combination’ Of Issues For Multiple Genres

Given all the pre-release hype and anticipation leading up to its release, Destiny may have been destined to become the biggest new video game franchise launch in history, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's well executed. In fact, several early reviews have some unflattering things to say about the game, most of which criticize the title for its lack of clear identity.

Review site Polygon put two writers on the task in order to give readers multiple perspectives, though neither one was willing to lavish Destiny with praise. From the "dismal dialogue" to the lack of "character relationships to explore," reviewer Arthur Gies came away unimpressed, and also confused as to whether Destiny should be classified as a shooter or an MMO.


To the game's credit, Gies notes that "Destiny might have the most fun melee attack" he's ever played in a shooter, but even that is ruined by the "underwhelming encounters that define" the game "from start to finish."

Reviewer Philip Kollar was equally disappointed, noting that "it's impossible to pinpoint an exact moment where Destiny broke my heart." But break his heart it did through a "slow rollout of small disappointments" that added up to a "sense of emptiness." Kollar feels the plot is lacking and describes the dialogue as "awful" and "jargon-heavy."

It's not just Polygon that came away a bit disappointed. GameSpot scored the game a 6 (same as Polygon), noting that Destiny has a "gorgeous shell" but it only serves to surround the "hollow and unimaginative game languishing inside." It's not that Destiny is necessarily a crummy game, but it "fails to capitalize on the possibilities."

Jeff Gerstmann over at Giant Bomb scored Destiny a 3 out of 5, which once again translates into a 6 out of 10. The term "hollow" was thrown around again, and like other reviewers, Gerstmann found the missions repetitive. That's unfortunate, because aside from some "fantastic graphics" and "flashes of brilliance," the game overall is "malformed or half-realized," Gerstman says.

Have you had a chance to play Destiny yet? If so, do you agree with the reviews?