Firefox 8 Arrives a Day Early, Grab It While It's Hot!

Mozilla won't officially drop Firefox 8 onto the public until Tuesday, November 8 (otherwise known as tomorrow, at least at the time of this writing), but why wait? If you're anxious to get your mitts on the next stable release of Firefox, you can head over to Mozilla's FTP site and grab your copy now, a full day ahead of schedule.

Either way, you still have to wait until tomorrow for the official release notes, but here are some of the highlights included in Mozilla's next Firefox release:
  • Twitter integration (you can choose Twitter as one of the default search options)
  • Improved HTML5 support, including HTML5 context menus
  • Better Tab control
  • Add-ons are no longer installed willy-nilly and require user permission (that's not always in the case in previous versions of Firefox, perhaps most noticeable when installing antivirus software)

There are a bunch of other changes and tweaks, most of which are minor in nature.