Finns Dominate at Mobile Phone Throwing Contest

It may not have the history of the caber toss, but who among us has not wanted to toss his cell phone at one time or another.  It's only fitting that the 8th Annual Mobile Phone Throwing World Championships shoudl be held in Finland, given that Finland is the home of Nokia, the world's largest mobile phone manufacturer.  It's also appropriate that Finns should dominate the events, winning 3 out of 4 of them.
Taco Cohen of the Netherlands, who was celebrating his 19th birthday, used acrobatics and juggling in his performance which was judged on aesthetics and artistic impression.

Finnish domination in the distance event continued when Tommi Huotari took gold with a throw of 89.62 metres, a few metres short of the world record.

Additional winners were both Finns: Eija Laakso in the women's distance event and Elina Pitkanen in the women's freestyle event.