Final Fantasy X Receives A Gorgeous Fan Made 4K Ray Traced Remaster Trailer Using Unreal Engine

final fantasy fan recreates final fantasy x in unreal engine on 20th anniversary of the game
Final Fantasy X recently celebrated its 20th anniversary, and players spent some time reminiscing over the game that was first released in 2001. However, one player took this to the extreme by recreating the game in Unreal Engine in 4K with ray tracing, and it is quite awesome.

Posted on YouTube by creator Toby Saunders, a 3:35m video shows off a recreated Final Fantasy X in 4K. In the description of the video, Saunders explained that he was inspired to do this as he "played this game on my older brother's PlayStation when I was six," and found the world captivating even today.

Thus, he undertook the task of learning Unreal Engine to create a Final Fantasy X game trailer with all the modern trappings of a game today, such as ray tracing. Furthermore, Saunders used Metahuman for the Tidus closeups and extracted official Final Fantasy 3D models from Skyrim mods which were then run through Blender. Then, all the clips from Unreal Engine were cut together using After Effects and Premiere Pro.

Though Saunders also stated that he had no idea what he was doing, this was certainly an impressive project that simply looks amazing. Of course, we love to see this kind of dedication for a game, but let us know what you think of this video in the comments below.