Final Fantasy VII Remake TGS Trailer Bristles With Turks And Reno

When gamers who were fans of the original Final Fantasy 7 heard that Square Enix would be remaking the game, there was a lot of excitement. We have had little in the way of details on the game since E3. A new trailer for the game has now landed and this time out the trailer shows off some of the heroes of the game, and some of the bad guys too.


The trailer appears to focus on introducing some of the characters for the game. Watch the trailer and see Cloud battling along with Tifa along with a scene that gives a bit of backstory on the duo. The trailer also shows Reno fighting with Cloud and a cameo by Tseng.

While most of what is seen in the trailer appears to come from cut scenes, there are some elements that look like gameplay. On the screen in some scenes, we see pictures of buttons to show players what to press. One of those scenes shows a revamped version of the gym mini-game that fans of the original might remember.

The official launch date for Final Fantasy 7 is set as March 3, 2020. Square Enix previously announced that the game would launch in an episodic format, with first episode reportedly spanning two discs. The first episode for the game will put players in the city of Midgar and is a fully stand-alone game.

Players will master the Active Time Battle System that has been revamped for the remake, and they will be able to change characters during missions to take advantage of different character abilities. One big change compared to the original is that combat isn't turn-based; players can move around the environment and attack freely. The remake of the game was first announced in June at E3 2019.