Square Enix's Final Fantasy 7 Remake Sounds Glorious, What We Know So Far

Lots of information on cool upcoming games and hardware surfaced during E3 2019 this year. One of the biggest announcements came from Microsoft when it talked up the coming Xbox Scarlett game console. Another cool announcement at E3 2019 came from Square Enix when it confirmed that it would be remaking Final Fantasy 7.

ff7 trailer girl

Final Fantasy 7 (FF7) will be released in episodic format, and the first episode will span two discs according to Square Enix. The game mixes real-time action with the familiar but modified Active Time Battle System. There is a huge amount of content to be included for the game to span a pair of Blu-ray discs. Despite needing two discs, the initial release won't include all of the game.

The first release is set in the city of Midgar and is a fully standalone gaming experience. One mystery is how many episodes the entire game remake will encompass and how long it will take to develop additional episodes of the game. Square Enix also showed off a trailer for the remake that looks at the combat system and more.

The first episode in the FF7 remake will launch on March 3, 2020. The biggest change from the original game to the remake is that the combat isn't completely turn-based; players can move around the environment and attack freely. An action meter has to fill up before players can use magic or other special abilities. Players will also be able to change between characters during the mission to take advantage of each players abilities.

New characters are added to the player's team as the story progresses. Each of those players has a different fighting style, skills, and magic spells. The game looks very cool, and fans should be excited, check out the E3 trailer above for more details on the game.