Filmmaker Laments That MOT Copied His Film For Xoom Ad

A filmmaker is claiming that Motorola's Xoom Super Bowl ad is "an identical concept" to a short film of his. Whether or not he takes it any further is unclear, but you can judge the "similarities" yourself with both of the videos embedded below.

The film, called "Do Not Disconnect," has a few similarities. Indeed, in both films Apple earbuds are pre-eminent. Additionally, there was a man wearing a hoodie, but it wasn't white (in the Motorola commercial everyone except the one Xoom user was wearing white hoodies and Apple earbuds). However, that's hardly an "indentical concept."

Filmmaker Mike Sarrow told C|Net,
"All I know is that I have been in and around the commercial production business as well as the film business for the past couple years, trying to get this concept off the ground. I think the concept could have been coincidentally thought of, but the similarity of the ending sequence is striking."
You be the judge by watching both videos.