File Sharing, Waffer PC AirCon PAC 400, and more!

Hey folks, sorry for the long time between updates, I've had a little trouble with the news posting feature, but it's all sorted out now :) My wireless router just kicked the bucket, so looks like I've got to go to the store tomorrow and get another one... and I should probably also get to work on my X-Mas shopping(have you?). On with the news...

X-Micro WLAN 11g Router and PCMCIA Card @ A True Review

"Nowadays, it is not uncommon for a home to have more than one computer; whether it be multiple desktops or a laptop thrown in the mix. With multiple computers comes a need to network them. Network equipment has come along way since the relative low speeds of 10baseT Ethernet. These days network equipment is capable of amazing speeds, like the X-Micro 11g Router and PCMCIA card featuring 108 Mbit/s Super G Turbo Mode. On paper, 108 Mbit/s wireless looks great, but just how well will it really perform?"

Waffer PC AirCon PAC 400 System Cooler Review @ BigBruin.Com

"Waffer Thermal Division has come up with a very innovative idea in the PAC 400. The PAC 400 will cool all components in the computer case, and it is very easy to install and operate. Unfortunately the performance does not live up to the expectations and does so at a high cost in terms of drive bay space, noise, and price."

PCMechanic - File Sharing @ PCMechanic

"File sharing is a phrase of dubious meaning. To some, it represents the theft of copyrighted materials and works; to others, a means of freedom in the modern world. Depending on which side of the fence you stand, file sharing has a ubiquitously accepted association - "Napster." However, there is more to file sharing than simply downloading music from online sources. The old "Napster" service, which featured the ability to search for music through a centralized server and download it from peers, was deemed in violation of the law. However, since the fall of "Napster," many alternatives have sprung up to take its place."

Corsair XMS 3200 XL Pro @ Penstarsys

"While the LEDquote s are only a cosmetic addition, it is nice to see when exactly the memory is being highly utilized. Most often in games and photo/video editing applications the DIMMS are running at full bore. In desktop tasks they rarely get past the first yellow LED. Another consideration with these DIMMS is that the LEDquote s need to be powered, and that power comes from the DIMM slot. Theoretically this could leach power from the memory modules, making them slightly more unstable when pushed to their limit. LEDs take up very little power, so this may not be as big of a drawback as others have claimed them to be. Still, if a user is worried about these things, then they can always buy the next step down in XMS 3200 XL DIMMS (those that are essentially the same but do not feature the LED lights)."

A4Tech's Wireless Battery Free Mouse @

"Today we take a look at a new innovative new product from A4tech called NB-30 Wireless optical mouse. The cool thing about this mouse is it requires no batteries to operate! Thus allowing you to save on battery costs and avoiding contributing to battery pollution."


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