Fermi Pre-order Page Fuels Speculation (and Comical 'User Reviews')

The hottest hoax hopping around cyber space this morning is the supposed availability of the first Fermi graphics card in pre-order form. It's being 'offered' by obscure online vendor SabrePC.com, which has the XFX GTX 480 graphics card listed for $679.99, a veritable 'bargain' compared to its original price of $699.99.

Word to the wise: Don't go coughing up your credit card number, or any other personal information, for that matter. While it's not uncommon for upcoming parts to leak to the Web ahead of schedule -- including order pages like this one -- there's little to indicate this is the real deal, and plenty points to the contrary. There's the memory size, for one (unless there's some rounding going on, 2GB doesn't jibe with Fermi's reported bus width and memory configuration), but the biggest telltale sign is that no one seems to have heard of SabrePC before today. In the end, that may have been the whole point behind SabrePC's stunt, and we just contributed to it, albeit at the greater good of warning would-be buyers. Plus, it's worth a visit just for the customer reviews alone, which will help you kick the week off with a good laugh or two.

Still, we're sorry to burst your bubble, but hey, we feel your pain and are as anxious as you are for Fermi to materialize. But rather than chasing hoaxes, we can recommend at least two other avenues to stay ahead of the curve. First, make HotHardware.com a daily destination, as you know we'll be at the forefront of any breaking news. And secondly, become a fan of Nvidia's official Facebook page.  Okay, make that three avenues, you can follow us on Twitter if you like as well and be assured of real-time scoopage on the topic.

We're not ones to brag (maybe a little here and there), but we'd rather say "told you so" than have to eat crow. We've heard crow doesn't taste very good anyway, and lucky for us, we're not about to find out - it looks like we were right on the money in calling this one a hoax. Not only has SabrePC since taken the pre-order product page down, but the whole site appears to be in a state of disorder. You now need a username and password to enter the site, which presumably no one has, save for SabrePC's staff.