Fender SLIDE Interface Let’s You Rock It Into Your PC Or Mobile Device, Comes With AmpliTube

You want to record yourself playing music? Easy. Plug in to a Fender SLIDE, connect the SLIDE to your PC or mobile device, and have at it. DIY home recording has come a long way; a certain number of years ago (let’s not specify how many), if you wanted to lay down tracks with your band or just have some good demos of your burgeoning singer/songwriter greatness, you needed a 4-track tape recorder--and those things weren’t cheap.

Fender SLIDE

These days all you need is a relatively inexpensive digital recording interface, which is usually some kind of box with a couple of instrument or mic inputs and some USB (or FireWire, if you have a slightly older one) outputs so you can connect to a computer and record into software. Great multitrack and effects software can be pricey, but there’s plenty of decent options that are free.

Fender is simplifying things even more, though. The SLIDE is a tiny, palm-sized (read: extremely portable) device with a single ¼-inch input jack that can output to a PC or mobile device via USB or Lightning cables (which are included). Additionally, you can either send the sound to headphones or speakers to listen to what you’re doing, and the SLIDE itself has a volume control and a direct monitoring and mix control.

Fender SLIDE

Really, though, Fender designed SLIDE with iOS devices in mind, as its supported by iPads, 4th and 5th-gen iPod touches, and iPhone 4 and newer. SLIDE ships with two free versions of AmpliTube effects software and the Rock Prodigy app.