FCC Filing Hints That an LTE-enabled Microsoft Surface Tablet is On the Way

Straight out of the "It's about time!" files comes an FCC filing that suggests Microsoft could soon be unveiling an LTE-equipped Surface 2 tablet, and as boring as that might sound, it holds a lot of importance. Plus, there's a couple of fun things to speculate on.

For starters, let's not ignore the fact that the lacking of an LTE Surface tablet could have been hurting Microsoft's potential sales, given LTE-equipped Android and iOS models have existed for a while. Not everyone needs wireless coverage on their tablet, but those that do would have dropped Surface out of the running immediately.

Second, what makes this FCC filing even more interesting is that measurements seen in the above example (8" length x 6" height) suggest that it's not going to be a normal Surface tablet - instead, it could be "Surface 8", or something to that effect.

Also worth noting is that this prototype was running Windows RT, and not the full-blown version of Windows 8. It's sounding more and more like Microsoft is aiming its sights at the phablet market, although it seems likely that if an LTE model is to come at all, Microsoft will extend the feature to its other key models in time, as well.