Fallout Attracts 5M Players To The Wasteland Thanks To Hit TV Show

fallout games adding millions of new players
The Fallout series on Amazon Prime has been well received, topping streaming charts and maintaining that position since its release. With this popularity, folks already familiar with, and those new to the world of Fallout, have been diving back into the games. This has led to some impressive new metrics for the game series, especially Fallout 76 which has seen quite an uptick of players as of late.

Just yesterday, the official Fallout X account posted that over one million players entered Appalachia in Fallout 76 in a single day. This is a massive win for the game, especially considering how Fallout 76 was received way back in the day. However, this feat is most certainly aided by the fact that people can get Fallout 76 for free through Amazon Prime. Despite this consideration, people who do get into Fallout 76 and give it an earnest try seem to be enjoying it, so it’s hard to knock how well Bethesda has turned things around.

Besides Fallout 76, though, Bethesda has also reported that there were over five million players entering the Wasteland in a single day across all Fallout titles. It is unclear, though, whether this number includes Fallout Shelter, which we suspect has also had a significant increase in players across iOS and Android.

Of course, if you want to support Fallout besides playing the great games, there is also a merch store where you can get various Fallout-themed things. This includes clothes, figurines, branded and flavored Arizona tea, and other accessories that look pretty cool. In the end, though, be sure to check out the show on Amazon Prime, regardless of your affinity for the game series, as it is a good time all around.