Get Bethesda’s Gift Of Fallout 76 For Free On Amazon Prime

fallout 76 free on prime gaming
Nearly six years ago, Bethesda released Fallout 76, which wasn't quite ready for prime time and was initially considered one of the worst games in the series. Since then, Bethesda has been tweaking, updating and adding features to the game, and it is still alive today. Now, the Fallout TV show is rekindling people’s love for the Fallout game series, including Fallout 76, which is being offered for free on Xbox and PC through Prime Gaming.

A quarter of a century after the bombs fell, the Vault Dwellers of Vault 76 came to the surface in West Virginia to reclaim America after it was ravaged by nuclear destruction. This is the setup for the open-world MMORPG that is Fallout 76, and a departure from Fallout games of the past. Bethesda called this “the largest, most dynamic world ever created in the legendary Fallout universe,” in which you can explore alone or with friends to deal with the threats of the wasteland. Of course, this game had many problems at launch, but has since gained a steady player base of17 million people with plans for new content yet to come.

With that in mind, if you are an Amazon Prime member, you can get Fallout 76 for free on Xbox and PC through Amazon Prime Gaming. This offer lasts through May 15th, 2024, so get it while it’s hot. This also comes as a bit of a celebration of the new Fallout series on Amazon Prime, which is an incredible adaptation of the game series. Somehow, the team behind the show nailed not only the aesthetic, but the feeling that the Vault Dweller is a playable character while everyone else is an NPC.

As for other Fallout games in the series, Bethesda has some updates for Fallout 4 coming at the end of April, so it might be worth holding off restarting that game if that's your thing. In the meantime, give Fallout 76 a whirl, and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.