Fallout 76 Embarrassingly Given Away For Free By Retailer With $5 PS4 Thumbstick Purchases

Fallout 76 is one of the most maligned video games in recent memory. Not only did the game launch with serious bugs that made it nearly unplayable for some gamers, but Bethesda has also wielded the ban hammer willy nilly on people for using simple mods to improve graphics. With all the poor reviews of the game, it was discounted early on, and we have seen the bundles with the game going for impressively low prices recently.


Polish retailer X-Kom was running what may be the most embarrassing giveaway of Fallout 76 that Bethesda will endure. The website was giving away free copies of Fallout 76 with the purchase of overstocked PS4 thumbsticks that sold for about $5. The website ran through all its stock, and the deal is now over.

fallout 76 deal

This isn't the only time that Fallout 76 has been thrown in for free with cheaper items. GameStop in Germany was giving the game away for free not long ago with the purchase of used PS4 controllers. Bethesda is working on making the game better; it remains to be seen if any of the updates or DLC it is talking up will make it more palatable for gamers.

No Man's Sky was similarly hated for a lengthy period of time until it received a number of updates that greatly improved gameplay.