Fallout 76 PvP Survival Mode Is a Murderous Free-For-All

Bethesda wants gamers to like Fallout 76; while all the other titles in the franchise have been well received, Bethesda hasn't similar critical success with Fallout 76. One of the ways that Bethesda has tried to get gamers to play the game is by touting updates that will come in the future. A new PvP mode will land "in a future update" according to Bethesda.

f76 survival

Once the update has landed, players will get to choose between Adventure mode, which is the original way of playing the game, and Survival mode. Bethesda says that this Survival mode is based on feedback from the more competitive players of the game wanting a more significant challenge, fewer restrictions, and more incentives for PvP combat. Bethesda says that it's "hard at work" on the mode internally and will bring it to the live game in phases as more content and features are added over time.

f76 fight

The same quests, events, and story will be offered in Survival mode that are offered in Adventure mode. The catch, according to Bethesda, is that in Survival mode, "you’ll have to navigate them under the ever-looming threat of hostile dwellers who may be hiding just around the corner." With the greater threat of being killed in Survival mode, Bethesda notes that not only can you create a new character to try the mode, but players are encouraged to do so. If you opt to use your existing character, all your progress goes with you including weapons, caps, and more.

Survival mode will flag all players, other than teammates or event groupmates, as hostile by default. There are no invitations for PvP combat in the mode; players can be attacked without restriction. However, level scaling will work in Survival mode just as it does in Adventure mode. The goal was to give noobs to Survival a fighting chance against those of higher levels. Survival mode deaths get no seek revenge respawn, and players only respawn at their C.A.M.P. or Vault 76. Players will be granted double caps for killing another player in Survival mode. Adjustments will be made to the mode on an ongoing basis.