Fallout 76 Aims For Redemption With Nuclear Winter Battle Royale Mode And Human NPCs

Bethesda was at E3 2019, and during its showcase, it offered up a pair of trailers that show all the gaming goodness coming to Fallout 76 this year. Gamers have been very critical of Fallout 76 since it launched with many fans of the franchise seeing aspects of the game as nothing more than a money grab by Bethesda. Recently, Bethesda executive Todd Howard announced that he recognized the failures the game was making before it launched noting that some of the criticism of the game was "well deserved."

fallout wastelanders

During the Bethesda E3 2019 Showcase, the game publisher announced that a pair of new and game-changing updates were coming to Fallout 76. The best news for gamers who are still giving Fallout 76 a go is that the updates will be free. The two updates are Wastelanders and Nuclear Winter. One of the biggest complaints that many people had was that there were no NPCs in Fallout 76. NPC characters had been key to all other games in the franchise. With the Wastlanders update, NPCs are coming back to the game with a new main quest full of choices and consequences and memorable characters that have unique stories for the gamer to interact with.

This update will bring factions of raiders and Settlers that are trying to make the world their own and claim a rumored fortune. Players get to choose which faction to side with and the choices made will determine the fate of the factions. Both Raiders and settlers have their companions, stories, new weapons, and new armor. Bethesda promises that Wastelanders will fundamentally change the way Fallout 76 is experienced and will arrive in Fall 2019. Check out the gameplay trailer from E3 above.

The other update is Nuclear Winter, which is the setting for the new 52-player PvP mode of the game. This is Bethesda's take on the battle royale genre with Perks, Nukes, wild Appalachian creatures, and C.A.M.P.s with Bethesda saying that "Nuclear Winter is a very S.P.E.C.I.A.L. take on the familiar gameplay mode." Players will scavenge for weapons, supplies, and nukes to fight to become Overseer of Vault 51. The gameplay trailer for Nuclear Winter is above.