Fallout 4 Is Real, Coming To All Major Platforms And Has A Boston Vibe

Yesterday, we brought you the momentous news that Bethesda had a new Fallout game in the works, and that a 10AM EST announcement Wednesday morning would seal the deal. Well, we haven’t quite crept up on 10AM yet, but the news surrounding Fallout 4 is coming in at a furious pace.

We have official confirmation that Fallout 4 will not only be available on the PC, but also the two premier console platforms: Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation 4. As has been rumored for quite some time, the game is set in a Boston, with “Scollay Square” shown prominently in the screenshot below.


We have also learned that Fallout 4 will be available from the usual suspects including Amazon, GameStop, and Best Buy, all of which will likely soon begin taking pre-orders for the game. But until then, check out some more interesting items below including a high-resolution Fallout 4 wallpaper and the official packaging for the game.


Watch this space as we will update this post as more details become available.