Fake Steve Jobs Gets a New Real Job

Fake Steve Jobs, AKA Daniel Lyons, who was outed last year by the New York Times when his book was about to launch (hard to keep hiding under those circumstances), has decided to leave his real job with Forbes for a new real job with Newsweek.

Forbes editor Dan Lyons, best known to most of you as Fake Steve Jobs, is leaving his employer after a 10-year run and jumping to Newsweek, where he'll take tech columnist Steve Levy's old slot. No word on whether Dan will continue to write FSJ once he starts his new gig: Newsweek says Dan will bring FSJ with him. Dan owns the rights to FSJ himself, so he should be able keep cranking them out if he wants to. But we also know he's itching to do some non-FSJ stuff, too.

While it's fine if he does some non-Fake Steve Jobs stuff ... please, please don't stop doing it!  The humor is just too good.  Even the Real Steve Jobs agrees.
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