Facebook’s New Pervasive Ads Will Stalk Non-Users Across The Internet

Two years ago Mark Zuckerberg and the gang introduced an advertising platform called Facebook Audience Network. It was designed to help publishers and developers support their services through targeted ads, which are ads that are determined to be relevant and of interest to the person viewing them. Up until now the Facebook Audience Network was used only to show ads to people with Facebook accounts who visit specific websites and apps, but now they'll follow you across the web.

The Facebook Audience Network is also expanding to include those who don't use or aren't connected to Facebook. Through the use of browser cookies, integrated Like buttons, and various plug-ins on non-Facebook portals, Facebook will be able to track users and non-users to serve up ads that are presumably of interest to them.

Facebook Ads

It's a move to expand Facebook's online ad network and from the social network's vantage point, it's all peaches and cream here, no sour grapes.

"While more than a hundred companies already serve interest-based advertising on websites and apps today, we offer a better experience because we care about the integrity of Facebook ads," Facebook said. "Ads are reviewed against our standards and to ensure they are as respectful of people's experience as possible. For example, we don't permit ads that include sound unless you interact with them and we prohibit deceptive ads and ads for unsafe products and services."

Facebook also frowns on article blocking ads with a tiny "x" in the corner to the hide the ad, as they're difficult to close. In addition, Facebook claims its underlying technology can determine if a mobile user accidentally clicked on an ad so they won't be taken to a website or app unintentionally.

Finally, Facebook praises its ad platform for having user controls. Users can adjust their ad preferences to tell Facebook to show ads based on certain interests. In addition, users can opt out of seeing ads on apps and websites not offered by Facebook.