Facebook Updates Login, Users Now Control App Post-Backs To Facebook

Logging into apps using Facebook instead of with yet another unique username and password combination is a boon to users everywhere. It’s simple and fast, and seriously--we don’t have room in our brains for remembering anymore login credentials.

However, up to now the downside has been that Facebook knows and posts everything you do with a given app. Considering that, according to Facebook, 81 of the top 100 grossing iOS apps and 62 of the top 100 grossing Android apps have Facebook Login integration, that’s a lot of people’s business on Facebook, which most people don’t really want to post and virtually nobody wants to see.

Facebook Login update

Facebook is rolling out an update to fix that. Now, mobile apps using Facebook Login have to get your permission before posting back to Facebook. This is a good thing; for example, nobody cares at all how many miles you biked today, you might be embarrassed about how much you play Candy Crush, and although it’s cool that friends can see that you’re listening to Tom Waits on Spotify, maybe you want to kick it old school and rock out to some Petra once in a while without everyone knowing about it.

Facebook also said that Facebook Login now loads up to 31% faster on mobile.