Facebook Pledges Updates for Struggling Facebook Home, Dock is Here Today

Facebook Home was--sorry, is--an intriguing idea, and it’s not surprising that around a million people downloaded the Facebook-integrated skin and app launcher. However, user ratings for Facebook Home have been less than stellar, and it wasn’t exactly a good sign that AT&T slashed the cost of the HTC First, the first smartphone to ship with Facebook home already onboard (our review here), from $100 to $0.99 after lackluster interest.

All Facebook can really do at this point is try and make Facebook Home better, which is exactly what the company is doing. Facebook previously announced that it would be adding a dock and folders to the skin, as well as the ability to edit who can see something you’ve already shared and sending more than one photo in a message.

Facebook Home dock

There’s now an update, available in the Google Play store, which shows that the dock--or rather a “new favorites tray”--is here, as well as miscellaneous bug fixes. More updates are in the offing, as well. If Facebook Home fails, you can’t say Facebook didn’t go down swinging.